Response From Akatsi North District As Crocodile Attacks A Female Tourist

In the month of December last year, the media had been circulating a video in which a female tourist was attacked by a crocodile at the Ave Crocodile Resort at Ave Dakpa in the Volta Region.

The Akatsi North District Assembly hearing this did not sit aloof, but rather has issued a press release to address the incident and to plead with the media to stop circulating the said video.

Below is the press release :

For immediate release
The attention of the Akatsi North District Assembly has be drawn to a video circulating on social media and other media outlets since 1st January 2020 suggesting an attack on a female tourist at Ave Crocodile Resort at Ave Dakpa in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

This came as a shock to us, after the COVID 19 pandemic related restrictions on tourist sites which did not spare the Ave Crocodile Resort, a new tourist site and barely about to get commercial. The fortunes and hopes of the resort to attract patrons across the globe for a wonderful experience with naturally occurring friendly crocodiles at Ave Dakpa in the Volta Region of Ghana was yet to be realized.
Preliminary investigations initiated with the technical assistance from the Ghana Tourism Authority on 2nd January 2020, have revealed a number of observations

  1. The unfortunate incident occurred on 20th December, 2020.
  2. But no report was made by the guests to the Assembly for redress.
  3. One woman (main victim) as seen in the video was part of a group of local
    tourists who visited the Ave Crocodile Resort to have fun.
  4. The tourists were having fun taking photos with one of the crocodiles and when it was the turn of the woman before the unfortunate incident happened.
  5. The woman sustained some level of injury and was taken to a health facility
    for treatment and thankfully was discharged.
  6. The rest of the local tourists did not suffer any injury but proved very
    supportive in getting their colleague to the health facility immediately.
  7. The tour guide was unable to properly direct the female tourist as to how she can position herself before touching the crocodile in that moment of excitement.

8.Somesecuritylapseshavealsobeenidentifiedasaresultoftheincidentwhich will require urgent attention.

  1. Assembly’s revenue staff were not at post when the incident occurred.
  2. Even the tour guide did not report the incidence to the Assembly.
    The Akatsi North District Assembly shall institute a full scale investigations into the operations of the facility and instruct measures in consultation with appropriate stakeholders like the Ghana Tourism Authority and Wildlife Division to bring the issue to finality and prevent recurrence in the future.
    The Akatsi North District Assembly will like to assure the general public that the crocodiles of Ave Crocodile Resort are so friendly and that this is an isolated incident which could have been avoided.
    We regret any inconveniences this incidence and it’s associated videos may have caused all while thanking all for the show of interest and support so far.

For the sensitive nature of the video to the general public and the victim and those traumatized as a result of this video, we will like to plead with the media to stop further circulation of the video and direct any issue relating to the video and the incident that happened to the Akatsi North District Assembly for redress.

 Thank you.

Hon. Dr. Prince Sodoke Amuzu
(District Chief Executive)

Story by: Emmanuel Ofori Lapigee