African Leaders Do Not Trust Their Own Health System And Its Hospitals – Tracy Zille

53-year-old South African blogger Tracy Zille has heavily descended on Africans and their leaders for not believing in themselves and what they have.

On her Facebook page, she posted that African leaders do not trust their own health system and its hospitals that’s why when they are sick, they travel overseas for treatment.

According to her, the Europeans are not providing the COVID-19 vaccine with the intention of killing Africans and that they could have killed Africans long time if they had wanted to.

Read the post below.

“If Covid19 Vaccine was made in Africa, African leaders were going to leave it and travel overseas for Vaccination. Yes, African leaders are treated in overseas Hospitals. They don’t trust their own African health system and it’s hospitals. While you are busy thinking that Europeans want to kill you with their vaccine, even your leaders think that you will kill them with your incompetence.

Covid19 Vaccine is a reminder to Africa that you must fix yourself and get proper leadership. Not these very old people you vote for.

Don’t insult me for telling you the truth. We used our money to build universities and science research facilities. You used your money to build big churches and to buy your pastors and prophets big cars and houses. Our Research Facilities produced Covid19 Vaccine. Your Churches produced anointing oil. You buy expensive anointing oil from your churches without any noise but you are rejecting free Covid19 Vaccine from scientists. Something is wrong upstairs” she angrily shared.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori