I Think Ex Gratia For MPs Must Be Scrapped – Sports Obama Goes Hard Politicians

Ghanaian award winning sports journalist Saddick Adams popularly known as Sports Obama who works with Angel FM has descended on Ghanaian politicians and Africa as a whole.

In a post on his Twitter page, he shared that he thinks the “Ex Gratia” for MPs must be squashed off because it’s not necessary since they have everything at their disposal for free.

He added that, there is no need for them to take home GHC 500,000.00 at the end of their years after getting everything free in the country as an MP.

“I Think That Ex Gratia For MPs Must be scrapped.

After poor citizens paying for them to enjoy free cars, free accommodation, free fuel, free travels, salaries and other juicy benefits, there is no need to pay each of the 275 members over 500,000 cedis at the end of their years.

When it comes to serving themselves, politicians in most African countries make it appear their countries are in the league of United States, UK, Japan China etc.

They only realize their countries are struggling economies when it comes to providing for the masses” he stated.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori