“Apart From Stonebwoy, Most Of My Colleagues Show Fake Love” – Kwaw Kese

Ghanaian hiplife artiste Kwaw Kese has picked CEO of Burniton Music Group, Livingstone Etse Satekla better known as Stonebwoy as the only Ghanaian musician who shows true love claiming most of his other colleagues only show fake love.

Speaking on Ekwanso Dwoodwoo with Abeiku Santana on Okay 101.7 FM, the rapper revealed many of his colleague musicians only smile with you when you meet them but behind their smile is hatred.

“See, there is no love in this industry. Let me tell you the only person that shows love is Stonebwoy. Apart from Stonebwoy, most of these guys they just laugh with you but behind their smiles is hate. So personally, I relate to Stonebwoy more than anybody in this industry” he said on the show.

The rapper during the interview further expressed some disappointment in how his colleague Tema based rapper Sarkodie treats him. He disclosed he is not getting the same love he shows Sarkodie back.

“But with the Sark issue, we have to get to the point that, I have done a lot for Sark. I have done more shows to the extent that we travel to Europe for shows and I buy return tickets with my own money. I didn’t take penny from him. I have done shows for him all over. So he has to show me that respect back. I don’t need anything from him. Sark should know that oh Kwaw has sent me a message so let me respond to it” he revealed.

“Sometime ago, I sent him a beat and he was like Kwaw, this beat if we do it this way it will be better and we did Yakubu and it was a bang. You understand? That was love. But I think that when people get to some level in life you see their true colors and I am not scared to speak my mind that I am not happy with the way he is treating me. I show love, you show love back. If you don’t show love back, there is no way I will show you love again. It is not about Sark alone, anybody that refuses to show love, we will also not show him love. Yeah because I have done some for you before” he explained.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)