Video + “I Didn’t Know Sarkodie Was Addressing Aisha Modi On My Cold Song” – Joey B

Ghanaian hip hop recording artiste Joey B has said he got carried away by Sarkodie’s dope verse on his ‘Cold’ and didn’t pay attention to the lyrics in particular. According to Joey, he would have advised him not to do it like that if Sarkodie told him about his verse.

Speaking to Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda on Monday morning, he said it was too late for him to make any changes later when he found out Sark was addressing an issue. “To be very honest with you, I didn’t know what was going on. When he sent me his verse, I commended him and told him the verse is awesome. I can show you our chats. The flow was crazy. I didn’t think whether he did better than me or not. I just liked the fact that he did this out of love. And anytime I send him a song, he works on it the very next day. You know Sark is one of the people who have a very tight schedule but any song I send him, he works on it. From Tonga to my current song, he responds to me quick. And we all know the tight relationship I have with Sark, so yeah I told him that was awesome. I haven’t heard you like this in a very long time” he revealed.

“So after I dropped the song, I started getting YouTube comments, people mentioning names and all that so I asked one of my guys that what was going on. And he was like he also just realized what’s happening. Because I think we were just paying attention to the flows. So I went back to listen and I’m like oh okay, I guess he had some issues he wanted to deal with and like we all know, he is not the type that vents on social media. He will put it on a song. So I think that’s how he felt” he explained.

Joey further added: “Later when I found out it was too late. What could I do? There was nothing I could do. I can’t delete it from social media. And I’m sure the other party will feel that I supported it. But let me give you an example, I really love Shatta Wale do you know why? Because, you see my Stables song? So originally I wanted to do a part two of stables with Sarkodie and some artistes but at that time I was in Germany on a tour. So I was there and I realized the Advice song was out and people were mentioning me. So just before I was about checking out the song, I received a message that says, “Yo I owe you a verse” and that is how we worked on La Familia” he said.

“But initially I didn’t understand that so I went to watch the Advice song and I was like wow. I didn’t like the fact that he didn’t inform me about it because that wasn’t the ulterior motive behind what he put out. Because I sent him the beat to do a verse for me for stables. So I didn’t know that was what he wanted to do but then again he had issues he wanted to clear so I told him it`s okay but you should have informed me. You know, he knows I am very honest. If he does something, I tell him Mike you had to tell me. Because right now you put me in a position where Shatta Wale will think I am part of the scheme and I didn’t like that”.

When asked if he would have advised Sark not to do it the Aisha Modi way on cold, this is what he said: “If he had told me, I would have told him not to do it like that because someone might think I am doing this with you. But later when I saw it, it was too late. But all in, I don’t think he said anything too dirty. I think he only addressed the issue. The lines were positive and I think we can all relate to it. People love controversies so yeah it added up to the numbers but the song itself is very dope. It`s not like I’m siding with him but I don’t think he said something crazy” he revealed.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)