Celestine Donkor’s Most Criticized “Thank You, Yedawase” Song Just Touched The Life Of An Atheist

Indeed God moves and works in mysterious ways and his ways should not always make sense to men. Applying your human knowledge may only leave you more confused because your ways are not God’s ways.

For the past few days Ghanaian gospel musician and songwriter Celestine Donkor has come under heavy criticism from some industry players over her “Thank You, Yedawase” which features Efya, Akwaboa and Maa Cynthia. According to reports, some Christian television channels have refused to play the video of the song on their platforms because it features secular musicians.

But it seems God through that same criticised song is touching so many lives. Recently on Facebook, an Atheist confessed how he has been touched by the song by the E.K Sarpong Ministry singer.

The Atheist wrote: “Honestly I have been an Atheist for a long time but I feel very touched by this song..”

So one may ask, how does a song that has come under heavy criticism even by some Christians be touching lives of Atheist, a person who does not believe in the existence of a God? But Celestine has some answers.

She shared this on her Instagram post: “Glooooooorryyyyyy to God
●WHEN GOD IS BEHIND THE SONG, THE OUTCOME IS SUCH CONFESSIONS & TESTIMONIES. #Atheist (One who rejects the belief that God exists)…

My Focus:>> Is to avail my talent for God’s use. While he takes care of the “Soul Saving Part” that is his job not mine. ONLY GOD HAS THE POWER & HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE … the spirit of God does the conviction in the heart of men, in his own time: Like he dealt with Paul on his way to DAMASCUS

AND GUESS WHAT: HE CAN USE “ANYTHING” he used a donkey 🥰 @efya_nokturnal @akwaboahmusic PLEASE BE ENCOURAGED YOUR TALENTS CAME FROM GOD.



To all doubting Thomas: go to YouTube and check on the song “#YEDAWASEthankyou” and read comments session”

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)