“I Know Bullet Has A Wife And Concubines And Will Not Mix Business With Pleasure Working With Wendy Shay” – Mzbel

Hiplife musician Mzbel has said that there is nothing intimate between Wendy Shay and Bullet because she knows the latter has a wife and concubines that he has babies with and will not joke with his job by mixing pleasure with business working with the former.

Speaking on United Showbiz on United television with Nana Ama McBrown on Saturday night, she said there is no big deal in dating your manager as an artiste but she will not advise that anyone to go into it.

“There is nothing wrong with it. But my problem is that, with Wendy Shay and Bullet, I don’t think there is any sexual relationship going on. But anytime Bullet wants to promote Wendy’s song, they come up with all these drama and controversies to suggest that they have been caught having intimate relationship so that is stuck in people’s heads. But otherwise I don’t think there is something going on between them” she said.

She further stated: “Because I know Bullet has a wife and concubines that he has babies with. Excuse my Twi, I don’t mean any harm. Like what I mean is, he is involved with somebody and other people. And I know Bullet to be serious. He doesn’t joke with his job. So he will not mix business with pleasure. But the controversies they created are stuck in people’s heads so every time people think that there is some going on but there isn’t”.

Mzbel advised: “But there is a side effect to dating someone you work with. And that is, when you become successful, there will be so many eyes on you and the man will become insecure and may not be able to take certain things. If he gets to that level, he will start doing things that will affect you. If he doesn’t abuse you, he will sabotage your progress in your career so I don’t think it is advisable”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)