Take The OGB Music Logo Out Of Your Project – Ogidi Brown Warns Cryme Officer

CEO of OGB music, Ogidi Brown has cautioned his embattled artiste Cryme Officer not to put the labels logo on any of his projects.

This warning came out when Cryme Officer decided to release a song titled “Over” over the weekend. Ogidi Brown is pushing him to take off the logo because he says he’s done with Cryme and doesn’t want to have any link with him again.

But on the other hand, Cryme Officer also thinks he’s not done with OGB music yet because he has not received any official letter which indicates that his contract with his label is expired or terminated.

Due to the thinking of Cryme Officer, he turned a deaf ear to his CEO and released the song on a different YouTube channel with the jingle in it and the logo on the art cover.

“ogidibrown1 Cryme Officer take the •.. OGBMUSIC logo out of your project this is what i don’t like, small issue then you people release a song “wob3b) me akutia meboa” Ogidi warned.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee