“No One In His Right Minds Will Think A Secular Artiste Being Featured On A Gospel Song Is Wrong” – Dada Hafco To Critics Of The Act

Highlife artiste Dada Hafco has expressed shock over condemnation of collaboration between gospel artiste and secular artist on a gospel song. The singer whose recent released song “Play Boy” is receiving massive airplay on radio is amazed why this topic should even become a debate in the industry.

He took to his Facebook page to share his views: “I’m now following this whole gospel/secular brouhaha. Amazing.
How does anybody in their right minds think that a secular artiste being featured on a gospel song is a wrong thing to do?
I mean how does the person think though?
We are all followers and worshippers of Christ irrespective of our professions.
We all pray in our abode, and we all believe in our beliefs.
The moment a person put the gospel on their lips, whether in music or in public rants, the person is doing the job of the gospel.

There are a lot of gospel artistes who smokes, drinks and fornicate, on the other side, there are secular acts who don’t do any of these…
We have even heard stories of renowned pastors who have impregnated people, slept with members of their congregation etc.
So what are we talking about?
David said, I was glad when they said lets go to the house of the LORD. (Psalm 122:1)
(So let’s take it this way, even if the secular act is a sinner right, the gospel act who’s putting the person on is trying to do the job of the gospel)
Are we judging secular artistes or saying they are not fit to speak or share the gospel?
Oh Massa.
Gospel artistes/Secular artistes, do your thing mehn, GOD looks into the heart and not by these mind set.


Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)