Sarkodie Himself knows I Will Murder Him Lyrically If He Loses Guard – Abibiw Brags

One of Ghana’s Fante rappers and contestant of Adom FM’s “Kasahare” level Abibiw has bragged that he is a stubborn rapper to the extent that even if Sarkodie tries him and does not take care, he will murder him lyrically.

On Sammy Flex TV’s Showbiz Daily with Sammy Flex, he disclosed that Yaa Pono is his godfather when it comes to rap so he fears no rapper in Ghana.

Abibiw again added that he is a street rapper and that Ghanaians should tag him as a “Kasahare Level” rapper. “I faced 700 rappers in a rap battle and I was ranked as the 2nd best rapper among them all” he revealed.

“I’m that street and stubborn rapper which Sarkodie himself is aware and I will murder him lyrically if he loses guard when it comes to rap battle” Abibiw bragged.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori