Let People Know What You Do As A Celebrity And Stop Deceiving The Youth – Martha Ankoma

Prolific actress and entrepreneur/brands influencer, Martha Ankoma has cautioned celebrities to open up to their followers and fans on what they do so that it will reduce the pressure on the youth.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus, she disclosed that most of the expensive clothes and jewelry they wear are free because of the ambassadorial deals they get and just because they are popular.

“Instead of the celebrities telling the truth to their fans, that most of the expensive things they wear are for free, they will rather come and post it on social media and caption it “Hard Work” which she thinks it’s not right and that’s what pushes the youth to do unnecessary things for money, so they can purchase what their celebrities have” she cautioned.

“Celebrities have to make their fans and followers know what they do aside acting nor doing music. They should be real to them to avoid and reduce too much pressure. The fake life is too much on social media” she disclosed.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori