“My Friends Are Only People I Grew Up With, Music Industry Friends Are Fake” – Dadie Opanka

Dadie Opanka is his claim to fame but he was born Armstrong Affum, the Tema based rapper and songwriter is making some interesting revelations in his recent interview with Halifax Ansah Addo on Okay FM.

Many assume that musicians are friends and love to have fun all the time together but Opanka is telling a different story from that narrative.

According to him, his friends are people he grew up with and not those through music. He said the only person he can call a true friend in the music industry is Ephraim because he grew up with him.

“Nhyiraba Kojo is my friend but not that close. I am being honest. I know him through music and not as my friend friend. My friends are people are grew up with and not through music. In music we have too many fake people. So if I will mention a friend, I will mention Ephraim because I knew him before he became a musician. So my friends are those I grew up with but music is just music friend. Each one has his own mind. Some don’t want you to achieve success before them and I know that is part of life. When you understand this, life becomes easy. So in music, I don’t see friends because people just laugh with you.

When asked why he is so reserved, the rapper responded: “I told you I have experienced a lot in life and if the chicken sleeps early, it gets no problem. I fear man very much. Again I don’t drink, smoke and not a womanizer too so when we go to the club it`s not fun to me. I am very busy so when I get time, I want to stay home and create music and think. I don’t want to waste the time outside. So if I will go out, I go to pick inspiration. I also go to the club to see what’s happening and the kind of songs people are jamming to, if not I don’t go out”.

Opanka is currently promoting his Elevation EP

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)