Do Not Take Life Too Serious: Hate Is For Sad People – D-Black To Ghanaians

Ghanaian artiste and CEO of Black Avenue Music Desmond Blackmore aka D-Black has advised Ghanaians to slow down with life and that they shouldn’t rush it because life is too short.

D-Black posted on his Twitter page that, the way life is too short no one should waste his/her time to hate nor point out errors and flaws of others because that’s the attitude of sad people.

He added that, everyone should have a great time in their own way on this earth, for today you are here and the next day you are no more.

“Don’t take life too damn seriously fr fr. Grind !Have fun! Laugh, show love & live life! Today u here, tomoro you ain’t. Hating & pointing out the errors & flaws of others is for sad people . Let’s all have a great time in our own way in this thing we find ourselves in called life” he tweeted.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori