“I’m Tired Of Trying Life My Own Way” – Deewills – Son Of Ducan Williams

Founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan Williams` son Deewills has declared that he’s tired of trying life his own way and failing all the time.

Deewills on his Twitter page has been making positive posts for some months now after the father forgave him and accepted him back.

Now the latest post on his page is that, he is going to dedicate his life fully to God, for God himself to lead his path and guide his steps no matter what he goes through.

According to him, this year is going be a Godly year for him and that he will stay from all the bad and dirty things/ungodly things he’s been doing way back.

“I am tired of trying life my own way and failing time after time… this year i just want my life to be what God wants it to be no matter how hard 🙏🏽❤️” he shared.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori