Insult Gives Me More Money – Moesha Buodong

Ghanaian model and entrepreneur Moesha Buodong has clearly said that the more Ghanaians talk and bash her, that’s when she also makes more money.

Moesha Buodong on Zion Felix TV’s Uncut with Zion Felix stated that, when people don’t talk about her, she feels uncomfortable and that she doesn’t like it because that’s what fetches her money.

“I get worried when the media and Ghanaians as a whole don’t talk about me. Talk about me when ever my issues come up. I hate it when people show me love” she added.

“I feel like when you are doing something better that’s when people hate on you, so I feel like it’s a blessing. Unique people attract more hate and that’s how I am” she bragged.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori