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Enock Agyepong Writes: “Mark Okraku Mantey’s Followers And Their Vindictive Nature Can Be Detrimental To The Industry & Deputy Minister Position

Outspoken entertainment pundit cum artiste manager Enock Agyepong has cautioned Mark Okraku Mantey over the attitude of some of his workers who are vouching for his nomination for the position of deputy Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture (MoTAG) to stop being vindictive.

According to him, their actions can be detrimental to the creative industry and his deputy minister position.

Enock wrote:

“Kweku Ananse told his Kids that he’ll soon buy a Car and send them to school in it. The neighbors child who was also present said when the car comes he’ll sit in the front seat, Ntekuma, Ananse’s first son gave the boy a heavy knock and told him he won’t sit inside some.

I mean how do you knock him for a car that has not yet arrived? That is exactly how Mark’s followers are reacting to those who criticize his Deputy Minister Position they’re hoping for. Yes there is a list making rounds that he has been chosen as the Deputy Minister designate but until he goes through vetting and gets the approval he is not yet the Deputy Minister.
The first one I heard was when Ola shared his opinion on the issue via phone after Hammer had expressed his views. All Ola said was that he would prefer Mark to be at the Creative Arts Agency which he Mark was interim President until the passage of the law than to be at the Deputy Minister position because he feels Mark will do better there.

The response from Mr Logic who is now Mark’s 2IC was that Ola’s statement is balderdash. I mean when did someone expressing his opinion become senseless? Hammer also was not spared in fact he was accused of going to Mark for a favor which didn’t materialize that’s why he was calling him a weak leader.

Black Rasta was called childish by Mark himself for saying he cannot Trust Marks Leadership. Now When Shatta also came out to share his opinion that he doesn’t believe Mark is the best choice, the Don of all Dons Prince Tsegah did not spare him at all making Shatta’s fans to even threaten him the Don till the situation was resolved.

Looking at how things were going his major contender for the position Bice aka Obour in order to calm tensions released three pictures, one was with him & Shatta another with him & Hammer and the final one with him & Mark which he made a statement that we should all lend our support to Mark. Some of us who had different opinions even felt the call was in the right direction so we’ll all go in and support him Mark only for another Follower of his aka Miketwo to come and attack Obour who was the one now campaigning for Mark.

Mike 2 actually made a live video saying that Obour was the one who asked Shatta to go against Mark. So my question is that is Mike2 saying that Shatta doesn’t have a brain of his own and that it’s Obour who can make Shatta’s brain work? I think that’s an insult to Shatta knowing the kind of brave brand he is and I strongly believe Mike 2 must apologize to his brand.
We were here when Mark said on radio that he tried to Sabotage Shatta’s career and with such a statement do you think Shatta will need someone to tell him anything? For someone who is looking for such a figurehead position, discrimination and sabotaging of people in the same industry shouldn’t be entertained.

I won’t post the back and fourth between Ola and De Don all because Ola shared his opinion again on Mark’s Deputy Minister position. Mark’s followers should back the hell off because that position is being sponsored by the taxpayers monies and we need someone who’ll be Neutral.

We know how the Interim council office was nearly turned into a Multimedia office annex but we trust he’ll do better when given the Chance.
Nonetheless we still believe Mark will do better at the Agency now that it’s backed by law but like we keep saying the President has the final say so if he is sent directly to Deputy Minister we’ll be very disappointed but will hold our peace and support him in the interest of the industry.


Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)