Ghanaian Rapper Quamina MP Shares Heartfelt Memories Of His Late Father On Instagram

Ghanaian rapper Quamina MP sadly lost his father after a fatal road crash. Management on December 5, 2020, confirmed the death of his father.

Its been almost two months and the rapper is already missing his dad. On Wednesday February 3, Quamina spent the day reminiscing the good times he shared with his late father.

He shared a video and captioned it: “GET TO KNOW BONGO, THE MAN
we take solace knowing that he was a good man and played his role to make Society better. He lives forever. #Bongoforever”.

Quamina in the video said: “So first of all Bongo is a very great and nice person. You should have met him. His energy, he loves people, he likes to help, he doesn’t judge in any way. Bongo will just call me and ask if what I’m doing is right for me and then I should make sure I don’t hurt anybody. I should just make sure I’m doing the right thing. I remember the first time I stole my mom’s money, my dad caught me. And then he asked me to open my palm. I opened it and the money was right there. And instead of punishing me, he cried. He made me understand that it wasn’t a good thing. Stealing wasn’t a good thing. He cried and I felt bad for making him cry. I did a lot of wrong things but Bongo never judged me.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)