Some Artistes Do Not Focus On The Smaller Communities Because They Do Not Pay Huge – Bisa Kdei

Ghanaian award winning highlife singer Roland Kweku Dei Appiah aka Bisa Kdei has said that, some of the artistes don’t think about playing shows in the smaller communities because they don’t pay huge.

Speaking to Zion Felix on Zion Felix’s Uncut, he stated that people think he doesn’t play shows because media people don’t follow him to the places where he plays his shows especially in the rural areas/small communities.

He further stated that, some of the artistes only focus on those who can pay them huge money, due to that they don’t get more shows to play but as for him, he doesn’t care about the payment, he is “making hay whiles the sun shines” because he won’t remain strong forever so he doesn’t give any small money chance to go off his hand.

In other news he revealed that, “Asew” is his biggest song but it couldn’t make massive waves in Ghana rather its doing the magic abroad and that it’s on over 45,000 playlists on Spotify.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori