Check Out The 20 Punches In Guru’s Diss Song “Who Born Dog” To Kuami Eugene, KiDi And Richie (Lynx)

TNKZ Music CEO Guru has finally released a diss song “Who Born Dog” to the entire Lynx Entertainment and it`s signees, Kuami Eugene and KiDi. has really delved deeper into the track and has listed 20 punches in the track.

Read and access the punches below:

1 Okraman dadaa de asem dadaa nso na 3ka

2 Y3ka entire label no hit bo mua you no go fit

3 Wokasa no s3 wodwene hoa anka wei nyinaa 3mba.

4 Your entire career 3mpo 3nto me one hit

5 Singer de3 na madwene s3 modea ne sexy

6 2019 na wopapa confirmo y3 s3 wadi 30

7 Popotsoa wei behavi te3 obiaa wanya epilepsy

8 Won mu ade3 b3hwe nedr3sin basaa s3 elective maths question.

9 Wo sh3br3 abansam s3 tankas ni aa wako pension

10 Wa nim kakawrewre s3 p3 chocho cream bi na fa yi tension

11 You think say ebi your time you dey pull crowd pass daddy lumba?

12 Oboy don’t try wo di today bukom banku b3 compare professor azumah?

13 Wo y3 dope anka wo jealousy dope Nation

14 Wo nni papa aa make I be your father bro I go teach you well

15 Abofra aa otumi yi ne maame ma s3 oy3 ashawo chale you see street hell

16 S3 Nyame ay3 wo Adom na wa duro suro aa tell your team for watch make you try speak well

17 Today wey my matter dey wey you just dey say like I buy wey I nor pay. Wiase yi mu nobody go reign forever

18 Mede3 me hu wo Togo Togo

19 Mep3s3 keepi deep wh3 nese ase te3 moo as3

20 With all your Lynx if you wan fire we ho link you hell.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori