D’Hammer Thanks M.O.G Beatz And Shatta Wale For Beefing: I’m Guilty Of What Is Happening Now

Ace Ghanaian music producer D’Hammer of the Last 2 has said that he is very thankful to Shatta Wale and M.O.G for beefing over monetary issues.

In a viral video on his Facebook timeline, he stated that he is looking beyond the differences between the two brands and looking at the issue it self because it’s a big issue/conversation that’s needs to be addressed.

“I’m so glad and I will thank them again Wale and MoG thank you for possibly being the two people who will shape this industry with the coming of this debate” he stated.

In other news, D’ Hammer admitted he is guilty of all the negative happenings between a beat maker and a musician right now because himself and his colleagues back then did not do things right by not respecting their royalties as beat makers, but rather all they were thinking about was the cassette and compact disc (CD) sales because online streaming was not available by then.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori