Bridget Otoo Gifts A Twitter Fan GHC400 To Celebrate Women’s Day

Media Personality Bridget Otoo former host of Police Watch on TV3 has gifted a Tweep GHC400.00 as she celebrate women’s day today.

On Twitter a Tweep with the handle name, Thomas Hobbes stated that, he told Bridget Otoo his laptop is not functioning well which was a screen problem she then promised to help him fix it and she fulfilled her promise by sending him GHC400.00

Conversation below :

“@Bridget_Otoo posted yesterday that she has a laptop she’s giving out. I told her it will help even though I have a nonfunctional one with the problem emanating from the screen. She promised to help me repair it and this morning she sent Ghc 400 to do it” Thomas Hobbes revealed.

Bridget replied “Oh chale, it’s the least I could do. Let me know it starts working. Enjoy your day”.

“I am grateful @Bridget_Otoo . God bless and replenish everything you’ve lost on us” he showed gratitude.

“I’m grateful. I lost nothing, and lose nothing by being kind. You are a bright guy and I know you have bigger plans I hope it all materializes. Fingers crossed” she stated.

“Thank you ma’am for believing in me
I won’t disappoint you”. Thomas assured Bridget.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori