Kwaku Manu Apologizes To Ghanaians On How He Handled Salinko During Their Beef

Ghanaian comic actor and youtuber Kwaku Manu has apologized to Ghanaians and Salinko for speaking against him during their beef.

Salinko claimed Kwaku Manu has been ungrateful to him because after he introduced him to Jones Agyemang a movie director, he’s never showed gratitude to him (Salinko). Salinko on most platforms has been saying that.

The above claims pissed Kwaku Manu off so on the 13th of February on Kwaku Manu TV, he filmed himself and cautioned Salinko to stop claiming that he (Salinko) made him a star because it`s not true so indeed, Kwaku Manu lambasted his colleague.

Just today on the same medium, Kwaku has apologized to Ghanaians and some elders on how he handled the issue between himself and Salinko.

“I spoke to Salinko my brother, we’ve settled everything. I don’t even fancy this beef thing but it all happened because I was angry. To Ghanaians, the elders who called me to seize fire and to Salinko I’m very sorry if I said anything bad against you. I’ve also forgiven you for all that you’ve said against me” he stated in his new video.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori