Sarkodie Has Given Reasons Why Good People Are Not Successful

Ghana’s most awarded rapper Mr Michael Owusu Addo aka Sarkodie has stated the reason most Ghanaians are not successful.

On his Twitter page he said, where he is from, people are always happy to see their colleagues nor friends fail. According to him, what they hate to see is success and that’s why most good people are still struggling to make it in life.

He later on advised Ghanaians to stop hating and be happy for others when they see them move higher and making it in life. “Elevate people and it will automatically bounce back to you” he added.

“Where am from , we find joy in seeing people fall that’s why a good percentage stay unsuccessful ( unhappy )… Always know that you are what you feel. Celebrate people, be happy for people, elevate people and it automatically bounces back to you #HappySunday” he tweeted.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori