Meet Abenah Mankosa, Ghanaian Basic School Teacher Who Feeds Her Pupils For Free Everyday

Ghanaian basic school teacher Abenah Serwah Mankosa has been an Angel to her pupil as she feeds them everyday from her own pocket.

On her Facebook page, she disclosed that the food she’s been given to the kids is her quota of the school feeding and in addition she supplies them the (egg and water) by the help from her Facebook friends.

She further added that the bowls the kids use for lunch, veronica buckets and water they have were all given to them by her Facebook friends and some family members with her little help and that every Friday too, the kids are given Kalypo and biscuit as refreshment.

Below is what she posted on her Facebook page:

Basic one diaries:
It is a school feeding and I add up the supplements (egg and water) by the help of my face book friends.
Their bowls for lunch, the lunch containers, Veronica bucket and water is given to us by the Facebook friends and some family members, I do help but they do help. Every Friday is kalypo n biscuit day. At least refreshment at the end of the week. Lets give credit to whom credit deserve.
Am able to put smiles on the face of this kids by the help of my facebook friends and relatives
Medaase bebree
U can’t us Chaii

Basic one diaries:
Rice and stew(school feeding
(Facebook feeding)
Boiled egg
Fried ripe plantain
Sachete water
I had 2 new admissions today, 2 new pupil dropped from car mu Skuul to Syto
Imagine if government take good care of this schools, will a Ghanaian kid pay 1000dollars for tuition in a private school,
I love them to the brim♥️
God bless all our homeland Ghana

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori