Video +”If God Directs Me To Marry A Drunkard, I Have No Excuse”- Gospel Singer Lady Ophelia

Praises and worship minister Ophelia Dedaa known publicly as Lady Ophelia has opined that if God directs her to marry a drunkard, she will have no excuse to refuse such a man as her husband but will personally not opt for such a man.

Speaking to Sammy Flex in an interview on the Real Talk on Sammy Flex TV, she stated that it is very possible to have a changed drinking husband if the relationship was built within God’s purpose but it won’t work if it`s a personal choice.

“Our decisions are based on God’s purpose and directions for our life. Even in the bible, God directed a prophet to marry a prostitute for a purpose. So if God directs that I should marry a drunkard, why not? I will have no excuse to refuse such a husband” she said.

Ophelia added: “I have no say. It`s in God’s hands. But if it is not coming from God, and I personally want to make a choice, I won’t marry a drunkard. Well someone will argue that you can change the person but if it is not within God’s purpose, it won’t work. You can’t change the person”.

Watch full interview:

Story by: Reagan Odei ofosu Osarfo (Nana Reagan)