VIDEO + Young Musician Imrana Is Sad, Depressed & This Is Why

Seems artiste and music label controversies in the country is never coming to an end. Each day the industry is served with yet another drama from artist/label relationship for discussion.

This particular one involving young and budding artist Imrana is not a new one. It`s been up before when the artiste was engaged on Showbiz Daily on Sammy Flex TV two or so years ago.

At that time, the artist made so many revelations about his label and the kind of contract he signed, the fact that his label is not doing what was agreed, his frustration and reasons why he wants to exit the label.

The label on the other hand, told their story and promised to sort it out amicably but it seems that was not done and the artiste in a video spotted by Sammy Flex TV seems more frustrated and depressed now.

As to what is really happening no one knows. After watching the video, you can only be asking yourself questions that you might not even have answers to.

Watch below his full video:

Story by: Reagan Odei ofosu Osarfo (Nana Reagan)