Video + Dancer Usher Frimpong Talks About How Nigerian Artistes Treat Dancers

Professional Ghanaian dancer Usher Frempong who now resides in the United States of America has revealed how Nigerian musicians are treating dancers professionally and traveling around with them to perform their songs unlike Ghanaian musicians.

He made this revelation on Sammy Flex TV on the Real Talk show hosted by Sammy Flex when he came to Ghana on some dance projects with his partner. Usher who owned Flash Mob Dance group before his departure to the USA talked about how some Nigerian musicians will make sure they travel with their dancers every where they perform in the world. He spoke about the opposite for Ghanaian musicians and why they sometimes refuse to deal with them because of that behavior.

“Dance is really doing well in America with a lot of sponsorship but i don`t know why the story cant change in Ghana. Dancers are well respected in America and they are paid well with so many events almost at every corner in the communities with sponsorship. I am appealing to all corporate bodies to come together so we help push dance in Ghana because it employs many people” he added.

The full interview is in the link below:

Story by: Samuel Atuobi Baah