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Fostering Collaborative Growth: Supporting Upcoming Talents in the Nigerian and Ghanaian Entertainment Industries

The entertainment industry has emerged as a significant contributor to the economic growth of many countries. Nigeria and Ghana, in particular, have made remarkable strides in producing some of the most talented actors, musicians, filmmakers, and media players. However, there exists a notable difference in how individuals support emerging talents in both nations. This evaluation attributes the disparity to the difference in mindset among influential industry players in Nigeria and Ghana.

Nigerian celebrities are known to have a more collaborative approach to promoting their industry. In contrast, Ghanaian celebrities and media players tend to focus more on individual success rather than collective growth.

In Ghana, I’ve observed that new talents struggle to make their mark in terms of push from industry players and stakeholders. It is often evident that established and influential people in the industry offer scanty or no help at all to newcomers.
This raises the question of why this happens.
Well is it a neck-breaking job to like, share, collaborate, blog, write, say a word, recommend, purchase, or support an equally excellent newbie or even colleague?

A reason could be that they are simply too busy with their own projects and do not have the time or resources to support emerging talents.
Some of the reasons to back the incapabilities of rendering such help may be the cost, time, etc. but do we still offer such helps to some specific caliber of people? YES YES…

I call it clout chasing; We concur that social media has become a platform for people to showcase their lives and gain popularity.
Some individuals seek attention and fame by any means necessary, including engaging in controversial or attention-grabbing behavior. They may probably share, like, and comment on the likes of Hilda Baci because Tiwa just shared her post and not that young talent who has been begging for a share for years.

While clout chasing promotes the idea that fame and popularity are more important than personal values, ethics, talents, etc. It also creates a toxic environment where people are willing to do anything for likes, followers, and views. We tend to overlook mediocrity and competence over talent and hard work.

The same energy pushed to make fame out of unnecessary behaviors; let’s push the same energy and prioritize authenticity over clout chasing and focus on building meaningful connections rather than seeking validation from strangers online.

I’m forced to be convinced that established individuals are afraid of losing their position and power in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. They may probably view new talents as a threat to their status quo and hence avoid helping them. An excuse to not downplay their brand is another instance of brand corruption.

Well comparatively to what Nigerians will do with leaving just a comment under a post and that will just be the ice breaker.

Earlier today; While checking some updates on social media, I came across a response from food blogger Sweet Ajeley, which was to one content creator Magrehab tv. The audacity to play mediocrity with the chef’s brand because of Hilda Baci’s cookathone .
While sweet Ajeley follows the content creator and all he does, he in turn doesn’t follow like nor blink at her content however had the effrontery to belittle the efforts of the chef and other people for not stepping up their game to such competitions nor supporting their own.
A lot of the media players harness this hypocritical art in a larger sphere. When they come across splendid talents, Some do fold their arms to sleep while smiling and appreciating it in their inner being.

In some instances when comments or good wishes etc are left under the post of these influential media players, it becomes a nine-day wonder to like or reply with a comment. But Will be seen under the posts of average celebs who are totally new to me.
Not to mention a few influential people who have proven otherwise: Reggie Rockstone, Screw Faze, Sammy Flex, and others.
We probably do not consider the recurring structure of this attitude because it stays forever with those who next take up the mantle and the cycle never ends

In Nigeria, there is a culture of effectively supporting upcoming talents through various means such as interview sessions, talent shows, social media platforms, and record labels. The likes of Hilda Baci have been able to thrive in this environment due to the support she received from fans and industry stakeholders.

Nigerian influential people, blogs, celebrities, etc. show unwavering support to emerging arts and talents by providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills and also promoting their works on social media platforms.
As little as a Facebook share or comment is an enormous support for them to render to a fellow.

I boldly deduce that the factor that could contribute to this situation is the level of competition within the entertainment industry in both countries. Nigeria’s entertainment industry is much larger than Ghana’s, which means there are more opportunities for collaboration and support among artists.

However, it starts from somewhere before arriving at the destination. Hence, it is essential for influential people in the Ghanaian entertainment industry to recognize the potential, efforts, and love these new talents showcase and provide them with opportunities to exhibit their skills.

As social media becomes the ish for meet-ups, Ghanaian celebrities, and industry players must adopt a more collaborative approach towards promoting upcoming talents if they want the industry to grow and compete with other African countries like Nigeria.
This not only benefits the newcomers but also adds diversity and fresh perspectives to the industry.

Story By: Alice Salifu (Ent. Critic)