Sarkodie Responds in New Song: Challenging Yvonne Nelson’s Narrative with Rhyme and Talent

The story of the hunt will forever carry the hunter’s flavor as long as lions are unable to share their own narrative.

In his latest song, Sarkodie initially expressed his commitment to keeping the story to himself until the end of his days. However, he has now reached a point where he can no longer allow Yvonne Nelson to shape the narrative solely from her perspective.

In his recently released track titled “Try Me,” Sarkodie directly addresses the situation where he previously stated his willingness to maintain the privacy of the matter but now feels compelled to counter Yvonne Nelson’s version of events. He vehemently denies being the one who insisted on the abortion, contrary to how it was portrayed in her book. Sarkodie also brings attention to the prevalent tendency of unquestioningly believing women in today’s society.

While acknowledging the popularity of Yvonne Nelson’s book and revealing that he has acquired a copy which he intends to read, Sarkodie skillfully presents his own rendition of the events through captivating rhymes, showcasing his exceptional talent. Fans of rap music are thoroughly enjoying this piece from Sarkodie, as it is seen as a compelling response to Yvonne Nelson’s book titled “I’m Not Yvonne Nelson”.