“Ghanaian Comedians Charge Without Fear Because We Know Our Value Now” – Comedian OB Amponsah

Rib cracking Ghanaian comedian and host of WMT (What Matters Today) on PLUZZ 89.9 FM has revealed comedians in the country in recent times quote their charges without fear because they have realized their value.
In a chat with Sammy Flex on Showbiz Daily on Tuesday night, he said previously it was difficult quoting charges because of how people perceived Ghanaian comedians were not funny.

“Now comedy in Ghana is growing. First, you feel for the event organizer when quoting charges but now they rather beg you because they have realized our value” he revealed.

According to OB, comedians need a united front that has a registered and recognized association. He revealed the only thing they have currently is just a whatsapp group but believes it will be good to have a recognized association. OB said this will help take proper sanctions against comedians who fault others, so it wouldn’t be like anybody can wake up to tell event organizers to blacklist some comedians.

The comedian during the chat also lamented over the use of his voice by Tik Tok users without giving him credit in the video.

“Initially, I thought it was nothing and was a way to sell me to people but I later realized it was not going to help me in anyway. At least, mention my handles or give me credit at the end of the video. If you will use my content, let people see whose content you’re using. I don’t mind if you use my content to generate numbers on social media or make money but at least give credit. This could happen to any comedian and that is were I have a problem” he lamented.

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Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)