Funny Face Apologizes To Counselor Edum Atta For Disrespecting Him: Throws Fresh Jabs At Counselor Lutterodt

Ghana’s children president and an award winning actor Funny Face has apologized to Counselor Kwaku Edum Atta for disobeying him as he jabs Counselor George Lutterodt.

In the month of July on United Showbiz on United Television (UTV) with Nana AMA MCBrown, Funny Face and Lil Win were called to settle their differences which was causing more harm to Funny’s image and health which he admitted he wanted to commit suicide if not for the intervention of Adebayor and God.

During the interview, both Funny Face and Lilwin started arguing and begun to throw jabs at each other to the extent of Funny Face throwing a punch at Lilwin which Bulldog held him and saved Lilwin.

Fortunately, they had a well respected counselor Kweku Edum Atta in their midst who was calming them down and was advising them as well but it seems Funny Face was too emotional and took things personal and went overboard in the presence of the counselor.

Funny Face has now realized he disrespected the respected counselor, counselor Edum Atta and has finally apologized to him. Though no one knows what Counselor George Lutterodt has done against him, but he disregarded him as he hailed Counselor Edum Atta.

“ GYE NYAME “ 🔥✊ Herrrrh I never taught a day will come .. I will see dis videos and laugh instead of crying like I used to do .. 🤣✊🔥 .. Counselor Edumata am really sorry .. u da best councilor ever not some useless psychopath fake ass nigga counselor lutadross 🤪🤣luterott” Funny Face Tweeted

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori