Event Vendors Express Uncertainty Ahead Of Xmas Despite Eased Restrictions

Among the sectors that were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic globally is the events’ industry.

The COVID-19 induced restrictions that prevented and regulated public gatherings; meant that many social events in particular; could not take place as planned or had to be altered. This has taken a huge toll on those in the industry.

Mrs Kate Hassan, the president of the Event Vendors Association of Ghana, an assosciation comprising hundreds of events organisers speaking to Citi Business News said although the restrictions have been lifted, activities have not picked up fully. She however said they have found some innovative ways to keep the players going.

“It not been easy. It been massively distractive in our kind of business. Now we are not getting monies because we did a lot of no refund postponed. So most of the wedding we are doing now is monies that have been paid for a long time before the COVID and that is what we are fulfilling now to our clients. People are no longer doing events. These are old events and we are now executing them” Mrs Kate said.

Kwesi Pratt Hammond, an event host corroborated Mrs Hassan’s position. “Huge, if there’s a way in terms of revenue, I will say people have lost lots of businesses. Not only that when it comes to revenue losses but even socially. How people relate to events and so technically as an MC it can even affect ways and means when you engage people at weddings. Gone are the days when people could do a lot of things on the dance floor, you know we like to hold each other and dance but now you can’t have it. So even beyond the revenue, socially wise it had huge impact on people’s businesses” he said.

As the festive season draws closer, will there be a significant change for these industry players.

Event host Emmanuel Edem Smith also added that, though restrictions have been lifted, he personally thinks that it has not been lifted entirely. He said he knows the cases are still rising someway somehow so wherever people find themselves, they need to stay safe and adhere to all safety protocols. According to him, people are going to come out with events but it is not going to be like before COVID.

Mrs Kate Hassan further added: “Obviously it is not going to be like the previous years because most of our clients are also from outside the country and because of Covid and even the phase two that we’ve heard is coming, most of them have done so many cancellations again. So it is still not like before. It`s kind of tight. But there is nothing we can do. We just hope to do our best whenever events come our way”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)