“Are You Hungry or Too Satisfied To Record A Political Song This Year?” – Umaru Sanda Asks A Plus

Not too sure how this question will sound in your mind but the fact remains that it is a question that will tickle your interest if you know the political figure and musician being asked the question. A Plus has been very influential and is known in this country for so many things including his profession as a musician, a political commentator and a business man.

His kind of music is what one will describe as “political” because at a time, he stopped singing those songs that will make you dance but rather the political songs that have the power to cause change. He has been very consistent with it making sure that at least in every political year, he will serve his followers with one song to address some political happenings in the country.

Shockingly, we have some few weeks to elections 2020 and not even a beat has been heard from him, pushing broadcaster Umaru Sanda to ask if he is hungry or too satisfied to record a political song. Umaru Sanda is a political journalist who works with Citi 97.3FM in Accra. He is known with his critical questions when it comes to current affairs issues in the country. Read his tweet below as has been captured by Sammy Flex TV reporters.

For the first time, A-Plus hasn’t done an election song.
Is he too hungry or too satisfied to sing?
I love his election songs!

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