“Ayisha Modi Is A Big Sister In The Industry, Do Not Consider Her Message As Official Statement From Burniton Music Group” – Stonebwoy

Bhim Nation boss and reggae/dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has responded to how the media, most especially bloggers should treat issues raised by popular socialite and a sister, Ayisha Modi, saying issues raised by her should not be considered as official statement of Burniton Music Group.

In an interview with Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM on Tuesday morning, he revealed Ayisha is his personal sister and a sister to the industry at large and not doing PR work for his camp.

According to him, it is not everything raised by Ayisha that he agrees with but he cannot control her since she has her own life and speaks to issues she has information on.

“Ayisha Modi is like a big sister to me. She is like a big sister to the industry first and foremost. She speaks once and often but what I said is, I don’t have control over her as a person. Like this is my child, my wife, this is my younger sibling, even them I don’t have control over but
with the form of relationship we have, I have to assume control to say certain things. So I can say don’t do this and whether they like it or not, they won’t do it. Because probably I know better you know, for the sake of tomorrow. But I don’t have control over Ayisha but we talk and I share my views. I’m like sis, this is not good. If you dare I can show you messages of us. Sometimes I tell her sis you know that one you didn’t try and she go like hey I will fight you oo but in the end I say it. That is how I vibe with her” he said.

When asked what if some of her issues raised might have some implications on his brand, Stonebwoy added: “In that regard, I will take it. You see where I stand, I have opened up my mind to a certain level where I know that there is a blogger siting in his house, picks his phone and write negative stuffs about me and the public believes it. What about that? Maybe he might have published something that dents my image and people believe it though he or she doesn’t even know me. You understand what I mean? If he published a positive thing, people might not have believed it. They will go do research to verify first but because it`s negative, they just believe it”.

He further explained: “Most often when people say negative things about us, it just flies like that without any verification. Sometimes she say`s something that I know nothing about. But anything she has said, within the confines of.., let’s hit the nail straight on the head, of what happened at the Sark vibe, she was there. So she has the right to have come out to give her statement about whatever she saw over there. Just like some people from the same scene who were not even there were able to go and propagate some sort of lies about what they didn’t see. So I mean I’m grateful that people talk about me. If they don’t, you are nobody. I’m really grateful. Because in the end, people are trying to be talked about. So I’m grateful. But sometimes it is not all that you hear that is negative that is true and is not all that you hear that is positive that is true”.

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)