Top Six (6) Kumerica Drill Songs With A Million+ Views On Youtube

Kumerica drill song is a new genre similar to the American hip-pop. This genre has really helped the young guys in Ghana to bring out their best in them, though they’ve been doing their thing already but they’ve moved to the next level with the drill genre.

Since the “Drill Genre” was introduced in Kumerica as part of their culture, has researched on the highest views they’ve had on youtube so far and has presented in the list below.

Below are six 6 artistes and their drill songs with a million+ views on youtube:

  1. Yaw Tog “Sore” featuring O’Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie, Jay Bahd has 2.1+ million views in 7 months.
  2. Yaw Tog “Sore” remix featuring Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur has 1.1+ milion views in 4 days.
  3. Kofi Jamar “Ekorso” Ft Yaw Tog and Ypee has 1.1+ million in 3 months
  4. Kweku Flick “Money” has 1million+ views in 8 months
  5. Kawabanga “Atakafoc” ft O’Kenneth, Reggie & Jay Bahd has 1.5 million+ views in 7 months
  6. Shatta Wale “Ahodwo Las Vegas” ft Kofi Jamar, Kweku Flick, Phrimpong, Phaize, King Paluta, Amerado & Ypee has 1 million+ views in 3 months.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori