Who Ever Throws Sh*t At Yaa Pono When He Comes To Kumasi Is On His Own – King Paluta

One of Kumasi’s hard core drill rapper King Paluta has denied telling any one to misbehave towards Yaa Pono when he steps in Kumasi to perform.

In a one on one convo with Sammy Flex on Sammy Flex TV, he said the statement he made in his song against Yaa Pono was not anything serious for someone to act on it.

King Paluta in his “Murder Case” song against Yaa Pono made a statement like “If you like come to Kumasi for a performance we will throw sh*t at you on stage”.

But King Paluta during the interview declared that, the statement he made was just on a lighter note so no one should act on it should Yaa Pono appear on a stage to perform in Kumasi, if not the person will be on his own if he gets arrested by the police.

“What I said in my “Murder Song” is nothing serious, it’s just a rap line and it’s for the culture so if anyone misbehaves towards Pono, then that person will face the police on his own” he said.

Story by Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori