It’s Better For Ghanaians To Hate You For You To Make It On Your Own – Comedian DKB

One of Ghana’s best comedians Derick Kwabena Bonney popularly known as DKB has stated in a post that, it’s better for Ghanaians to hate you as an artiste or a comedian and make it on your own than to allow Ghanaians to hail and praise you to climb up.

According to him, the same Ghanaians will help and support you up and later try their possible best to bring/pull you down.

On his Facebook page he posted:

“It’s better for Ghanaians to hate U for U to make it on your own than allow them hail & praise U to climb up, they are so quick to bring you down in a flash.

most support cos others do, not cos they love you, they actually hate you for doing better than them.

I made it with a lot of hate and little love, that’s why I speak my mind and block easily, cos I don’t owe you shit except the few sensible fans.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori