“No Man Can Love My Kids The Way Their Father Funny Face Will Do” – Funny Face`s Baby Mama

Baby mama of comedian Funny Face only known as Vanessa has confessed she loves the father of her three kids so much and that no man can ever love her kids the way their father Funny will do.

Speaking with Quophi Okyeame on Angel FM, she said she had to leave the house and move the kids away from Funny Face so he can recover from his predicament.

Vanessa further admitted that she was so hurt when Funny Face was arrested by Ghana police because she still loves him.

“I got hurt. I love him. I have three kids with him. You see sometimes in life, you have to give someone space to recover. There are people that when you are close to them, they don’t value you. So you need to move away so he can decide whether he needs you or not” she told Quophi Okyeame.

She added: “Let’s put the kids aside, personally, I can fully say that Nana Yaw needs me. Not just because of the kids. I have never wronged him and I will never wrong him. I knew him and that is why I accepted his proposal. So I am not going to leave him because he is like this or like that. Whether good or bad, for the sake of my kids, who will I leave him for? Which man will love my kids like the way their father will do? No man can love the kids the way their father will do”

Story by: Reagan O.O.Osarfo (Nana Reagan)