Burna Boy Lambasted By His Own People On Twitter And This Is Why

Grammy award winning artiste Burna Boy on twitter has fallen into the trap of his own country men as they have bashed him for misinforming people over a post he did on twitter.

According to him, the Grammy he won was by his own doing and that none helped him and his kids will be proud of him and can confidently brag about that.

But some of his country men and women thought he’s misleading people if he says he did it all alone, but it’s obvious those attacking him are Wizkid & Davido` fans.

Burna Boy on Twitter posted : “My kids will confidently beat their chest and say “Daddy did it on his OWN, We can do it on our own”.

Tweeps reply below with screen shots:

Burna learn to appreciate people & st¤p taking all the credits; Honestly speaking this is the major reason most people d!slike u. Learn to acknowledge people, u won a Grammy cos ur fans tirelessly streamed ur music, celebs assisted u & the media promoted u. Gratitude open doors.

U wey dey buy award for, go n thank Diddy all ur life, & for the fact say Diddy buy award dat U were nominated with Artistes their total fan no reach Lil Frosh own, dats a shame! If Wizkid was to b in dat category, dey would’ve given him the award last month b4 the live show. 😂 https://t.co/Tc6eFgdIbs

And I’m trusting that you will be quick to correct your kids’ misconception. You didn’t do it on your own. There’s a whole village who worked hard with you from your team to your fans.
Stay aware and appreciative of the hands that are constantly lifting you up.
Congrats again.

Story by: Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori